My Take on the Movie: Sixteen

My Take on the Movie:  Sixteen

Not just the age but the name of a movie as well. This one tackles issues faced by typical sixteen year olds- peer pressure, sexual urges, the search for love, unrequited love, parent’s pressure, so on and forth.
Sounds interesting, doesn’t it.
What could have been a movie about how these issues can be tackled while growing up in that very challenging age, turns out to be a movie of mistakes made and decisions gone awry.
The movie is about three girls and a boy. One of the girl (Anu) aspires to be a model and has her world turned upside down when she finds out her parents, whose marriage she held in high regard, have an open marriage.
Another girl (Nidhi) has to make a choice on whether she should find a way to retain her boyfriend’s interest in her or keep her parent’s trust.
The third (Tanisha) is always on the lookout for the perfect love, not realizing her best friend has feelings for her. She does find what she’s looking for, but the man is not only older to her, but her Aunt is interested in him as well.
The boy (Ashwin) tackles his own issues of being abused by his Father who is hell bent on turning his son into an IAS officer.
The plot is indeed intriguing and you do want to see how things will turn out for these characters.
But here’s the thing- the film fails to deliver a solution for these problems, leaving the viewer to believe that any mistakes made will not have dire consequences.
Giving into urges and getting pregnant- hey that’s okay. Get an abortion without telling your parents. Actually even when they do come to know, they won’t really be mad. Fine, at that point when the parents visit their daughter in the hospital, they were supposed to be supportive. But couldn’t they show a scene where the parents are disappointed that their daughter broke their trust? Nope, having sex at that age is shown as the most natural thing to do and seems like it is encouraged.
Sixteen is an age where a person can give into pressure and take wrong choices, but this movie, in my opinion, shouldn’t have glorified those mistakes like it inadvertently does.
The only character that shows the even remotest regret for his actions is the boy but that too is in a blink and miss scene.
Movies are an excellent medium to pass on social messages while being entertaining and so the Writer must take full responsibility in making sure that he does a fine job on focusing more on scenes that put light on the character’s mistakes and the repercussions rather than spending precious minutes on lackluster songs and scenes of excessive partying.
This movie could have been about refraining from giving into pressures, but instead becomes about making mistakes and being easily forgiven for them.
Not the best message for all sixteen year olds out there.


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