Repeated Lives Book II: Talia’s Return

Repeated Lives Book II: Talia's Return

I was never going to write a sequel to any of my stories. As far as I knew, Talia had gotten her (more or less) happy ending at the end of Repeated Lives. But after working on two more books, I took this upon as a challenge. The challenge was this- could I actually write a sequel considering how things ended in the first?
It wasn’t easy. I wrote this in 2010 while the first was written in almost four years ago. I had to go back and study the characters once again and learn why they had behaved the way they did. This one is darker than the first. Talia is the same girl, but due to one mistake and an impulsive decision, she’s sent back to live her life once again. Only this time, Talia’s life isn’t as balanced as before and she struggles with new changes.

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