Repeated Lives (My first published book)

Repeated Lives (My first published book)

This was my very first published book and it belongs in the dark fantasy genre. At the time when I wrote this, I was a bit obsessed about going back in time and changing things in the past. I was also interested in the concept of reincarnation- okay, I still am.
But most importantly, I used to wonder if my life would have turned out differently had some events not occurred the way they had. Everything could have gone in a completely different direction and I would have been a different person. I kept thinking about this over and over in my head until I had a dream that pretty much explained to me that no matter how much I changed things, I was destined to live through particular experiences. I really did try in my dream to change things, but somehow the wheels turned in the very same direction I was trying to avoid.
Suffice to say, it gave me a new sense of perspective on everything and the ending of the story came from that experience.

This book can be bought for $3.99 only at the Club Lighthouse Publishing website. Click on the picture.


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