Thought this was funny



Sometimes in order to get some good writing done, you need to get the bad stuff/writing out of the way. Since what I wanted to write before wasn’t coming out well, I’m going to get some of the stuff that’s bothering me, out of the way. 

Here goes:

I hate when people take you for granted.

I hate it when people don’t care about your dreams and try to force you into doing things their way. 

I hate it when people only do things for you when they want you to do something for them first. 

I hate it when people you call friends aren’t there when you need them. 

I hate it when you tell someone your secrets and they in turn use it against you. 

I hate it when you tel someone everything and they don’t bother sharing anything with you. Clearly they don’t trust you. 


Hate a lot of things at the moment but what I hate the most is when the things I love to do the most, is something I can never have.

End of Rant. Phew! 

Is the good stuff coming now? Let me write and check. 


New Short Story

New Short Story

Put up a new story today on Amazon. It’s a short story that I had been working on. Okay, actually it’s a flash fiction. I intended to put it up for free but apparently Amazon kdp doesn’t have that option. So put it on Smashwords but as usual with that site, I’m having formatting problems. Will sort that out soon.